Regina Schrecker has been nominated member of the Adkins Chiti – Donne in Musica Foundation’s International Honour Committee, in recognition of her “extensive, huge and important work in the fashion system as a creative mind in favor of women”. The Donne in Musica (Women in Music) Foundation, established in 1978 in Fiuggi, is a member of the International Music Council (UNESCO) and of the European Music Council.

“Donne in Musica is famous for its music projects: festivals, symposiums, exhibitions, bold presentations of new works and musicological research.

The Foundation has programmed radio and television series and 1,000 works by women composers living in 50 countries, and commissions more than 25 new works each year. The Declaration of Fiuggi is a mission statement undersigned by members of the Women in Music Network.

Donne in Musica works with international institutions to obtain recognition for women’s achievements in music, culture and development and to ensure participation in the formulation and implementation of cultural policies and access to decisional positions in the cultural sector.

The Donne in Musica Network comprises organisations, musicologists, composers, musicians, and teachers in 115 countries with 59 organisations for Women in Music. Our library contains: scores, books, recordings, videos, microfilms, paintings, lithographs, over 28,000 documents”.