11/11/2017 – 01/05/2018
Casa dei Carraresi – Treviso (Italy)

In the 1960’s the city of New York is the perfect place to be for those artists who had the chance to write a new page in the world book of art. Society is rapidly changing, mass communication is transforming the avant-garde movements and making space for creativity and innovation: it’s time for the POP artists to find the icons of the American way of life. We will never know whether the choice of painting the Campbell’s soup be a legend or a real fact, but Warhol claims to have paid the idea of being ​​inspired by the famous jar from his friend Latow, because after all his art was “only business art”!
The exhibition explores a series of artworks of the genius of the POP Art, with particular reference to the portraits that some of Andy Warhol’s friend commissioned to the great artist, or that Warhol himself deeply wanted to create for some exceptional people, such as fashion designer REGINA SCHRECKER. The dawn of a new era will produce plenty of SUPERSTAR phenomena: and we have interviewed a few of them!